About Asylum

Hey everyone, thank you for voting our tattoo and piercing shop “Rochester’s Best” for 2008 and 2009! We have served the Rochester community for eight years now, and expect to keep going strong into the future! We are proud to continue providing you with our trademarks of outstanding art and celebrated customer service.

Our owner, Trey, holds a graphic arts degree and over ten years experience in the tattoo industry, leading a staff of experienced artists who can do custom work right on the premises in real time! You never have to wait days to see what we come up with: we are happy to draw original, custom work for you while you watch!

We also have hundreds of drawings to pick from on our walls. We draw new original images daily. We also travel outside our shop to stay up to date with current art and to bring back home new ideas. Variety and uniqueness are part of our service.

We have late night appointments to accommodate people who can’t come in before 8 p.m - just call ahead and schedule. Come in and check out our shop if you have not been in for awhile and take advantage of our “buy one, get one half off” specials. We also have gift certificates for any occasion throughout the year for a unique gift for someone special.

Asylum also offers piercing at its finest. We do specialty piercings such as surface, quad navels, tragus, septum, etc.

Thank you for your years of patronage, and for trusting us to be your loyal artists.